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Rima Day uses thread, fabric and paper to create artwork that is inspired by nature and the human body. Even though her background is fashion and costuming, she adapted her skill and knowledge in garment construction into a language to express herself through art.

She studied fashion design both in her native city of Tokyo, Japan and later in New York City and worked as a freelance custom ballet costumer in New York City and Connecticut.

While working at the costume shop in Vanderbilt University, she started making 18th century dresses with used jeans as a part of upcycling projects. They were exhibited in several galleries and she realized that it is possible for her to use her sewing skills to create art instead of costumes. She started exploring the possibilities.

She is currently investigating the idea that needle and thread for her is the same as pen and ink for a writer. Her fabric books are in collection at the University of Iowa, Yale University, University of California, Princeton University, Southern Methodist University, other colleges and libraries and as well as several private collections. She lives near Nashville, TN. 

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